EYE DROPS: A collection of works taking reference and inspiration from personal photos of a moment of significance, using bold colour and abstraction to visually warp. The chosen images are distorted in a way to hide a clear visual representation while allowing certain features to remain to provide hints to the viewer of the context. This creates a body of work that holds a connection to the artist without visually being direct, rather, allowing the viewer to come to their own conclusion of the context and what they see within it. This imagery is conveyed through intense colour and bold shapes formed from what was the initial image. This collection will be completed over a variety of surfaces, using an expansive range of mediums to achieve variety across the application, colour, and overall finish.

Olivia McCarten work in progress
Olivia McCarten in her home studio
Olivia McCarten studio progress shot
Olivia McCarten semester 1 assessment set up
Olivia McCarten studio progress shot 2




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Olivia McCarten