BODIES TUMBLED INTO BODIES: Exploring multispecies entanglements

Welcome to the rhizome, you can erase a line in the web but little spores still blow towards you in the wind.

‘Ecology’ is derived from the Greek word ‘oikos’, which is defined as ‘a home or place of dwelling’. My artworks are the dwelling place where relations between all forms of life, from the micro to macro are mapped and explored. Bodies become with other bodies, entangle with other bodies, that pollinate, that eat away at, that gestate, that inform, that decompose with, in the creation of moments of symbiogenesis. In depicting this systematic chaos, I collapse non-linearity, notions of a separate time, space and consciousness, capturing the sprawling mesh of our causal world. By entangling the human, non-human and more-than-human in the same artwork, I challenge hierarchies and anthropocentrism in favour of the multispecies muddle.

(In tribute to Gilles Deleuze and Donna Haraway for key ideas)


Rochelle Morris, The Alchemy of Grief, 2022, oil on canvas, 189cm x 220cm.

Rochelle Morris, 'Underwater Memory', 2022, Oil on MDF
Rochelle Morris, Immortal Tortoise, 2022, oil on MDF.


Rochelle Morris, 'Darragh Drive', 2021, Oil on Canvas
Rochelle Morris, Darragh Drive, 2021, oil on canvas.


Rochelle Morris, 'Illusion of Separation', 2020, Oil on Canvas
Rochelle Morris, Illusion of Separation, 2020, oil on canvas. 

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Rochelle Morris