My work employs the basic internal and external structures that mammals belonging to earth are made up of. Skin, muscle, organs and bone are the physical elements that highlight the simple yet interesting organisation of our bodily systems through a sequence of abstract creatures crafted and arranged by me.

This project is inspired by the relationship between predators and prey; the drama of the chase and capture that ultimately provide a source of food. It is humbling to see animals tear into bodies, exposing the internal structures that we all share. A layer of skin that encloses meat and bone is a very familiar existence that is seemingly fragile, yet provides us with our vessel to exist in on this earth. I find this physical development fascinating, and explore it through replicating structures to assemble abstract creatures designed by me.

I want to display the inner environment and capacity for bodily tension and tearing of flesh to express the intricacy and delicacy of our make-up, appreciating the evolution of mother nature through vivid colour and detailed assemblages of skin, bones, muscles and organs.


photograph of artist working in studio
Sona in the studio, 2022. Image credit: Hassan Ayache.



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Sona Kocharyan