LESS OF AN INTERNAL MONOLOGUE MORE A PATCHY CONFERENCE CALL is a body of work that seeks to understand and connect with others, through the exploration of my own inner workings.

As a woman with ADHD, my works are inevitably a scattered externalisation of thoughts, feelings, and concepts—anything that I find that resonates—in an attempt to foster an intimate connection between the viewer and the work. I ultimately seek to have the audience see themselves in my work, creating a para-social intimacy through the use of humour and irony, my own confessions, & cultural references. 

My process involves exploring text as a tool for accessibility, and its limits, as well as the inclusion of low-brow media and nostalgia in combination with the relevant concepts, reframing these accepted values as a tool to encourage a critical examination of our own social and internal worlds.

I am very present in my works, I use my own hypocrisies, shortcomings, embarrassments, and confessions at the forefront in my own works. I don’t believe in any mysterious hierarchy around the concept of ‘the artist’. I do not seek to scrutinise the viewers, I primarily want to explore myself in the hopes it encourages you to do the same.

Photograph of installation under table, lit with pink lighting. Included upside down teddy head stuck under table, dolphin string decoration, yellow sign reading ‘smile you’re inadequate’ with smiley face image above, a tiara, altered mirror, children’s cosmetics,
Celeste Perry, unnamed [installation], 2022.
Birdseye view photograph of a disorganised studio desk, contains bright and colourful toys, beads, tools, magazines, and other supplies.
Celeste Perry, worktable in progress, 2022.
Photograph of beaded strings, varying in size and text, all assorted colours. With containers of sorted letter beads
Celeste Perry, worktable in progress, 2022.
Deep fried black and white image of a messy bedroom, white text overlaid on top reads ‘AT LEAST YOU’RE FUNNY’
Celeste Perry, unnamed, 2022, digitally altered image.


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Celeste Perry