BLURRED is an abstract installation work encompassing themes of cultural identity, accidental photography, and liminal spaces. The intersection of these themes is an experience-based work on how blurred identity and layers of the self can become.

Accidental photography and the blurry lines that are created have always intrigued me as a residue of a split second that we can rarely see or retain. The value of these images is no longer clarity or precision but the abstract mixing of colours and lines of movement. I was drawn to them and collected them for a couple years, finally progressing to painting these images. Once in oil paint, the images have a life of their own and create a space that I felt deeply connected to. The aim of this sculptural adaptation is to allow people to walk between the layers and become part of the movement and experience.

Blurriness is the abstract beauty of erasure and new discovery intricacy linking to my unique mixed cultural identity and experiences.

Georgia Clarke, Blurred, 2021, oil on canvas, 60cm x 60cm.
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Georgia Clarke