Self Exploration Project
‘Adventure into Unknown’ Brooch, brass, silver, bronze and Australian opal, 2022


In the most recent last two years, I have been exploring several themes and ideas in my investigations. My projects from the last two years have been strongly focused on transitioning personal memories and inner feelings into wearable art pieces, which allow the wearer to interact with them either visually or physically. 

Furthermore, I have a strong interest in exploring alternative materials and how to incorporate them into my jewellery along with other traditional materials like brass, silver and gemstones. My most recent project aims to explore the concepts of motions and energy using plastic and resins and how they can interact with the body.

In addition, nature has been one of the greatest inspiration for my works, which can be seen in the organic forms, patterns and use of materials  in many of my works. Sometimes, walks amidst nature inspire me to look at rocks, water and flora and contemplate on these natural elements in different compositions throughout the environment. This is especially the case for my titanium and electroforming works from last semester, which have a shared topic ‘Making and Faking Nature’. Both discuss the relationship between human and nature by exploring both man-made and nature found objects and create forms which mimic the natural objects characteristics using electroforming technique. 


'Making and Faking Nature' Part 2
‘Making and Faking Nature’ series, earrings and brooch, colour on Titanium, 2022


Making and Faking Nature
‘Making and Faking Nature’ series, earrings and brooch, colour on Titanium, 2022



I have been working on narrative and explorative pieces in the first half of the year: jewellery that invites audiences to interact with and explore, instead of being merely a decorative piece. My most recent project aims to explore how energy of life and nature can be created and expressed through jewellery, using alternative materials like plastic UV resin and silver. Each series of work response to a specific type of energy including thrive, float and destruction. I have also started to come into contact with modern materials and techniques, such as 3D printing and vacuum forming. The final outcomes of this project include a series of rings, necklace and earrings, which will be exhibited in the graduation exhibition. 


'Cycle of Life' Ring Series
‘Cycle of Life’ Ring Series, part 1, build in Rhino, 3D printed and casted in bronze and silver, 2022


'Cycle of Life' Ring Series
‘Cycle of Life’ Ring series, part 2, build in Rhino, 3D printed and casted in sterling silver, 2022


Plastic with blue UV resin
Plastic with blue UV resin, work in process, 2022


Silver Brooch
‘To Destruct Is To Create’ Brooch, silver and brass, work in progress


Plastic and UV resin
Plastic with UV resin, work in process


Image of the artist
Photo of the artist, photo credit to mum, 2021


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