Sex education plays an incredibly important role in the development of early sexual experiences and sexual behaviours into adulthood. The absence of adequate sexual health education leads to the prevalence of several health and human development issues, like unplanned pregnancies, STI transmission, and in extreme cases sexual coercion or even violence. It is essential that, from an appropriate age, youths are given the proper tools and information to make proper and informed decisions to embark on their own sexual journeys safely and respectfully. Studies have shown that sex education has a positive effect on sexual health outcomes, and helps to prevent crises in the realm of sexual relationships. 

Sex: Everyone and You takes the form of a multifaceted sexual education program that encourages the discussion on content that can sometimes be left out of the curricula of school sex ed programs. The program will encompass the following: an interactive workshop with different activities for the public to engage with; an art exhibition featuring pieces from over 40 artists with narratives of sexuality, puberty and our bodies; lastly the opening launch day of the exhibition will host a lecture series delivered by different experts in the field of sexual and reproductive health education. With the aim of being an engaging and thought-provoking exhibition for young people to attend, Sex: Everyone and You is committed to changing the narrative around what sex education can be, and to materialise the benefits of inclusive and realistic sexual journeys. 


Claudia Cuthbert, Sex: Everyone and You, [virtual exhibition], 2022.

By shifting the discourse of sex education focusing on caution and the biomechanics of sex leading to pregnancy, we can encourage conversation and a safe space for people to ask questions, and hear from real people that share their real-life sexual experiences. A community-based sex education program that goes beyond the classroom can have great positive impacts on sexual health outcomes and behaviours. Sex: Everyone and You will be free to the public, include information for same-sex sexual relationships, and have components that will appeal to a large demographic of people with different interests. The program’s core values are centred on accessibility, education and inclusion to achieve a greater understanding of the complexity of sex and sexuality.


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Claudia Cuthbert