Image of installation set up. A CRT monitor sits on the floor, playing video work titled, "Scum Angel", a bird cage with an embroidered bat sits inside it hanging upside down. Behind the cage and CRT monitor, a flock of bats is projected onto the wall. The cage casts a shadow onto the projection
Melissa Paul, Scum Angel, 2022, multi-channel installation.



SCUM ANGEL is an ode to the symbology of the bat. In a collaboration with artist and peer Anna Pearl, we created an installation which imitated a bats lair. Cages, poetry, paintings and objects in combination with screens and projected visuals which all sourced the bat informed the space as a ritual of sorts. The materiality of reflective plates in both the space and in the video (linked above) becomes a gateway for the bat to enter and transform the space.



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Melissa Paul