RESEARCH PAPER: The Value of Inheriting Chinese Traditional Landscape Painting in Shaping an Individual’s Identity. 


This paper’s discussion is built upon the significance of identity conveyed by traditional Chinese landscape painting. By applying Stuart Hall’s thesis on cultural recognition, the paper aims to reevaluate the concept of identity, thereby hoping to address the antagonism and the impact of modernisation on traditional art and offer a new perspective. By presenting the inherent values embedded in traditional Chinese landscape painting, it is hoped that the paper’s findings and arguments will hold significant implications for the revitalization of Chinese cultural identity and traditional art. Moreover, it aims to arouse a renewed interest in traditional art among the younger generation.

A curatorial proposal will be presented after the research paper, reflecting and reinforcing the research thesis. The curatorial rationale asserts that traditional art should embrace a framework capable of being presented within a contemporary context. This approach serves to strengthen the idea of evolving identities and facilitates the communication of tradition through a modern language.

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Hongyu Chen
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