Selena Xiao is an artist who has drawn inspiration from both China and Australia, capturing the elements of our world through her unique perspective. She not only explores traditional Eastern artistic techniques but also boldly experiments with new media combinations.

Selena works with a wide range of media, including ink, watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, bronze, silver leaf, copper leaf, and more. She employs these mediums with flexibility to convey her distinctive understanding of time, space, and material, resulting in captivating and innovative artworks.

In her creations, you can sense her profound grasp of both Eastern traditional culture and contemporary art, as well as her exploration and scrutiny of the world. Through her artwork, you will have the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with this diverse and intricate world from her unique perspective.

Welcome to seeing the world from her perspective.


Selena Xiao, ‘Oocean·spread’, 2023, watercolor and ink on paper


Selena Xiao, ‘ocean·another space’, 2023, ink on metal paper and mirror


Selena Xiao, ‘ocean·waves’, 2023, mixed materials in bronze


Selena Xiao, ‘Temperature Sensation’, 2023 (ongoing), mixed-media painting


Selena Xiao, with painting, 2023 (ongoing), polaroids and ink on acrylic board

instagram: @selena_xiao_art


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