THE SENSATION OF CONNECTIVE CHROMATIC ENERGY: Lyrical abstraction and the metaphysical in painting

My Master’s project investigates lyrical abstraction through the medium of gestural, embodied and immersive painting. My inspiration is expressed through an intuitive process that explores spiritual contexts and metaphysical energies. Through these painterly gestures, the painting paints itself as the destination is found in the process. In treating colour as content, my personal lexicon is revealed through the synergy of chromatic shapes and formations. These shapes and formations are found in my conscious and sub-conscious states.

Anthea Vayonitis works with dance and meditation practices to create gesturally-embodied, immersive paintings. Through abstracting nature, Anthea automatically paints and channels a ‘flow state.’ Anthea works with painting through an intuitive process. Abstraction, colour, and sensation are explored through the metaphysical energies in nature. Like a dance, one mark informs another and in creating a personal lexicon, energy is represented as life force. Canvas is mostly used as a foundational surface for her work. In connecting to her senses and tactile surfaces, Anthea is also inspired to work with textile yarn. The juxtaposition of yarn and paint develops a multi-dimensionality in her art making.

instagram: @anthea_vayonitis

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Anthea Vayonitis