COUTURE OF DESIRE, which takes the form of a discomforting installation, challenges the conventional notions of beauty and eroticism and explores depictions of the so-called ‘perverse’ in human fantasy. It is within this delicate tension that my sculptural garments find the inspiration to provoke thought and give voice to unspoken desires. The hybridised bodies, merging the mechanical and the organic, epitomise our human capacity to adapt to the industrial environment while embracing rebellion through the objects of defiance.

This project employs erotic assemblages, improvised sculptural costumes and elements of performance, and delves into the realm of sexual autonomy where fantasy serves as a catalyst for self-descent into psychological turmoil, introducing a sense of voyeurism and intrusion into the lives of the characters’ bodies as a representation of their inability to escape their own past.

The sculptural couture undergoes a transformation into a secondary integument closely adhering to the wearer’s form. This artificial layer is manifested in the form of attire facilitating the external recognition of our consciously controlled desires. The garments become a backdrop where the invisible scars, irregularities, and idiosyncrasies of existence are not only accepted but embraced.

My designs are more than just garments; they are visceral expressions of my own internal conflicts, mirroring the external mysteries and challenges that define the human experience by addressing the psychological and physical expressions of the multifaceted behaviour of experiencing pleasure through pain.




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Dominik Zarówny