This project emerges from Ana’s lived experiences and the dynamics of emotionality and shame. Ana creates pieces of participatory art and ritual performances using her body as a test subject to discover how online culture and capitalism impact mental health. Ana documents exposes herself to explore vulnerability, grief and how intimacy and detachment are experienced within our digitally connected world.

Ana is most of the time a person who is honest with herself, but she is just going through an identity crisis. She is overly sensitive and that is not particularly a flaw. She is interested in understanding how the world works, and that means involving herself as a test subject. Ana questions how consumerism, hyperindividualisation, competitiveness and productivity impact her mental health and her intimacy. However, she uses all that chaos in her head and her life to create her work of art.

Cutting down a tree for a coffin is a work that consists of a coffin and a book of memories. A coffin assembled from wooden furniture that was found on the street, broken and discarded furniture. Wooden furniture that at some point was trees. This work was part of the Dear Agnes public art program. Ana questions why it is easier to have casual sex with a stranger than to be vulnerable, this is how it comes about, A place to cry, Ana considers having a date through Tinder to cry, from this she sets up a place to cry, specifically for that person who uses Tinder in order to fill a void. Love break Up Kit is a pocket collection of the things we consume to avoid facing ourselves. Speed Awkward Date is a performance that seeks to test in an exaggerated way the currents and dynamics in how we relate to strangers in a time when intimacy is blurred, and loneliness and evasion become false allies.


instagram: @the_future_ana

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Ana Sanchez