Angelica Zumpo, 2023, silver, copper and found objects. Photo: Lou Wheeler


THE SYMPHONY OF JOCULARITY: UNVEILING THE JOURNEY FROM CHILDHOOD TO ADULTHOOD is a project that explores the harmonious interplay between craft and childhood by weaving together found objects and metals in an effort to explore connections between past and present self. My pieces are a play on tactility, that aim to incorporate elements of playfulness, active participation, and reflection. The act of opening and shutting the lockets I have made reflect the ways in which people are capable of revealing their true identities by allowing others to experience the opportunity to explore the hidden treasures within. 


As an artist, I have discovered an innate desire to infuse my creations with the nostalgic essence of fun and silliness from my early crafting experiences through making miniatures for my dolls and crafting objects. I endeavour to embark on a profound exploration of this nostalgic connection by investigating the intricate ways in which our childhood memories shape and influence our adult identities through the unravelling of the echoes of innocence and playfulness in my work.


instagram: @allstarradiation

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Angelica Zumpo