In this project I explored contemporary buckle making through the lens of intuitive making. This work seeks to create discussion on the functionality of different buckles by abstracting their form, scale and function. I’m interested in exploring a range of materials and techniques to create a textured surface, such as forging wire, cuttle fish casting and lost wax casting to form impressions in metal and allow more freedom through the making process.

Angelique Isabella Fry is a Naarm/Melbourne-based artist, currently enrolled in her final year at RMIT’s School of Art, majoring in Gold and Silversmithing. Prior to this Angelique has a background in fashion and textile design with a Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology (2020). Exploring a multi-disciplinary practice, influences of crocheting and embroidery are woven into her work, utilising metal to illustrate the subtleties of lace and filigree patterned work. Angelique is fascinated by collaborating with the natural world, seeking to capture the ambiguous essence of the biosphere within her practice. 



Angelique Fry, at her bench, 2023. Photo: Grace Flinn

instagram: @dear_angie_studio

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Angelique Fry