COMMUNITY is an installation of eighty-eight wheel thrown vases.

I view each vessel that I make as a person – individual and unique. In physical form a pot is like a person with a neck, shoulders, belly, hip and foot. When throwing on the wheel I establish a close relationship between the skill, materiality, and tactile nature of clay.

The resulting vessel reflects my enjoyment of the process and the characteristics of the human body in ceramic form.

Utilising multiple clay bodies and reduction fired glazes is important to my practice. This allows me to achieve a wide range of colours and dynamic surfaces.

Group of vases in feeneys fine blend
Angelo Ooi, ‘Community’, 2023, Feeneys Fine Blend, wheel thrown
Group of vases
Angelo Ooi, ‘Community’, 2023, ironstone, wheel thrown


Group of vases
Angelo Ooi, ‘Community’, 2023, yellow iron stoneware, wheel thrown

I am a contemporary ceramic artist who is passionate about traditional ceramic skills of wheel throwing and glaze chemistry. My work is inspired by my Australian and Malaysian-Chinese background, in particular elegant Chinese porcelain forms and rich copper red glazes of the Xuande era. Recently I had solo exhibition Continuance at Mars Gallery as part of the National Gallery of Victoria’s Melbourne Design Week. In the last two years teaching pottery has also become a fundamental part of my practice. Teaching has been an absolute joy, being able to pass on skills, knowledge and seeing the pottery community thrive.

instagram: @ange_ceramics

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Angelo Ooi