I am an artist with a practice that focuses on sculpture and installation. My practice is a constant exploration of history, religion and the vast realm of the human condition. As a sculpture student at RMIT, I am continuously pushing the boundaries of my art, expanding my skills, and delving into new artistic horizons.

I strive to transform materials into captivating pieces of art that offer the audience a gateway to personal contemplation and introspection. Through my art, I aim to bridge the gap between past and present and invite the audience to engage in transformative dialogue about the impact of historical ideologies on our contemporary reality.

My installation GOOD VS EVIL proposes a new understanding of the story of Adam and Eve, challenging the conventional notions of good and evil within the realm of religion. It critiques the idea of Christian morality that has created a strict dichotomy between good and evil, where certain natural human desires and behaviours were, and are, labelled as sinful. Thus, I aim to ignite a dialogue on the intricacies of faith, morality, and the human condition.



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Anjali Hunter