Come one, come all and step inside, you never know what one might find. 

An immersive installation allowing visitors to travel through to an undisclosed time and discover the curiosities the little shop has to offer. The work has a strong connection to tales of German origin, with the majority of elements being inspired by tales of the brothers Grimm. Apothecaries traditionally stocked herbs, spices and wine, but in this rendition potions and magical specialty items line the shelves. 

Spiteri is strongly inspired by the books in which she reads, particularly by the ones from her childhood and other tales related to, or situated in that time period. With a passion for immersive installations she expresses the make-believe worlds in which she imagines that viewers can see and possibly experience a small piece of what she does when reading the stories.


instagram: @carlyann_art_

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Carly Spiteri