As an artist who loves nature and walking, nature is often the subject of my work. I am accustomed to observing the details of things and depicting them in my works, which is reflected in the sculptural paintings of various subjects I have created. At the beginning of the creation process, I looked through many detailed pictures of related subjects, fully observed their characteristics and forms, then made sketches and went through many revisions to finalise the layout of the paintings. Then I use raw materials such as plaster, wire, wood and acrylic spray paint to create a three-dimensional effect. In my sculpture paintings, I focus on creating vivid and smooth lines and realistic colour schemes, aiming to create visually striking and attractive works that resonate with the viewer. Three-dimensional works are easier for viewers to appreciate and understand than flat works, and the real texture and realistic forms are more likely to elicit strong feelings.


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Cheng Peng Long