CENOZOICA is a physical record of a conceptual self. A sculptural work dedicated to the changing and shifting idea of what makes us who we are, and the experiences that change us. Immortalised in 60-million-year-old igneous basalt mined in Victoria, and shaped by colonial settler hands hundreds of years ago, the rock takes on a human form and is dissected – its fractures and faults laid bare.

With this work, I explore the presence of emotional or mental trauma in a person, and visualise that trauma with fractures in the material, and a significant colour change in the stone. Utilising high temperatures, I oxidise the iron present in the bluestone, and the resulting colour is a deep reddish brown – a stark contrast to the cool, deep blues of how it used to be. It is in this colour shift that the rock holds the evidence of trauma, the hallmark of change.

Physically whole, but fundamentally different, the material tells a story that many can resonate with.


I am a Naarm-based sculptor, I work in many mediums and in many different scales, and utilise a range of methodologies, including ceramics practices, woodworking, stone masonry, and metal working.

instagram: @damientune


A photograph of a sculpture. A pillar of stone stands upright on a bed of red sand, surrounded by a circle of small rocks. The bottom third of the pillar is a reddish purple colour, while the rest is a natural blue-grey.
Damien Tune, ‘Continuing Despite’, 2023, basalt, sand. Photo: Phuong Le
A photograph of a person reassembling a broken, flat stone. Beside it rests a hammer with a red head, and both are sitting on a metal table.
Damien Tune, work-in-progress, 2023
A photograph of an angle grinder positioned above a slotted stone block. In the background is workshop imagery.
Damien Tune, work-in-progress, 2023


A photograph of a person putting a small clay plate into an empty kiln. The plate has sand on it, upon which rests a small stone slab.
Damien Tune, work-in-progress, 2023
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Damien Tune