Perry Summers Sculpture Book Prize for excellent in Sculpture Studio:

FORGED is a collection of narrative works that seamlessly intertwine two distinct stories. The first story narrates the tale of The Blacksmith and the Devil, while the second story follows The Horses of the Apocalypse. These stories are creatively blended to form a wholly unique narrative. The physical and creative aspects of the work are both forged. The horses, initially hand-sculpted, are then 3D scanned and 3D printed, with one horse adorned with cold-smithed armor for added realism. The work is also crafted in the sense that it is a forgery, presenting a factual narrative by merging mythology and folklore to create something entirely new. Misrepresentations are also a key focus of the work, with characters often not being what they seem.

From a young age, I have always been passionate about sculpting models. My initial fascination with recreating the cross-sections of dinosaurs using plasticine led me to create the pieces I make today. Each creation not only teaches me new skills but also drives me to better myself with every piece. My career choice was unique in my family as I was the first male to pursue a path outside of carpentry. Though carpentry was not my ultimate passion, it taught me valuable skills that I apply to my work today.


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David Bilusic