To lay down a path, you begin by digging a hole. It can be challenging work. It involves risk. What if it collapses? What if you uncover something undesirable? What if it all leads to nothing, a dead end? The project began in one place and ended in another. It started with opposing forces, materiality and the spiritual. It became autobiographical and retrospective. At its heart, it investigates the negative, the darker side of culture.  The negative is a part of the unchartered path in life’s journey; horror, monsters, nightmares, fear, persecution, paranoia, pain and death.  They create tension, they challenge a cultural way of thinking, they are undesirable, the opposite to the aesthetic, the grotesque.

I am a Melbourne/Naarm based artist who uses multimedia to explore horror, childhood trauma, the uncanny and the unconscious mind through the disruption of the image and object. 

instagram: @elainavennart

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Elaina Venn