I WANTED TO BE CLEVER BUT DECIDED TO JUST GO BIG is a large-scale sculpture engaging in witty institutional critique. Crafted from household materials, the work pokes friendly fun at the art world (whilst not being above it). [Note: The finished worked can be viewed on my socials and website]

My work uses humour, colour, and subversion to explore the nature of art and language. Growing up, I was surrounded by crafters and this DIY approach to life underpins my practice. I create with everyday/recycled materials to challenge ideas of what ‘deserves’ to be in an art space. This broadening of the art-making process contributes to making art more accessible. I often use text and am interested in language, meaning and storytelling. My practice is optimistic yet cynical – I see the world with both wide-eyed wonder and a raised eyebrow. Currently, I am creating work that is self-referential. I’m also mildly obsessed with existentialism, but we don’t have to talk about that…

I have exhibited at Unassigned Gallery, SOL Gallery, Urban Cow Studios, the Barossa Regional Art Gallery, 6 Manton Gallery, and the Blue Heart Gallery.

instagram: @emmica.lore.art
tiktok: @emmica.lore.art

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Emmica Lore