I AM FEARLESS embarks on the rewriting of self-talk, reconfiguring the internal narrative as a method of post-traumatic recovery. It’s a journey of reclaiming the self through the process of making, reshaping the internal to manifest a better external. The transformation of fearful to fearless.


embroidered text on cotton handkerchief
Georgia Lomax, Trial for ‘I AM FEARLESS’, 2023 [detail], cotton thread on handkerchief
Georgia Lomax installing trial in studio
Georgia Lomax, Trial installation of ‘I AM FEARLESS’, 2023

My practice employs women’s crafts and printmaking to explore feminism, the female experience, and women’s health. Drawing inspiration from my community roles as a yoga teacher and recreational therapist, my work emphasises mental health, mindfulness, and creativity as a tool for healing. Internal dialogue is at the forefront of my explorations. Navigating the power of language over our personal growth I utilise text to underscore the significance of our how our thoughts influence our experience of the world.

photo of print hung on wall
Georgia Lomax, ‘Brain Mess’, 2021, linocut, cardboard drypoint, acrylic on elephant dung paper
photograph of embroidery work hung on wall
Georgia Lomax, ‘At Your Service’, 2023, wedding dress, bamboo embroidery hoop, cotton thread

instagram: @violentcupcakes

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Georgia Lomax