This project translates the narrative of a person’s intimate life, the moments they find precious by translating casual collections of ephemera and sentimental pictures into permanent formal paintings. Inspired by the seemingly universal way people present their individual collections like these, I think of the way someone might display their pieces of sentimental ephemera around a mirror or on their wall. Using snippets of personal moments and referencing media and art history, I create a composition with a collection of paintings small in scale, with varying depths and intertwining shapes that leads the viewer to lean in, to further investigate the objects presented to them.

Primarily working in oil painting, I investigate the sentimental and the domestic through the lens of my experience of dynamic disability, queerness and womanhood. Experimenting with crafts outside of painting informs my practice and helps me open to different presentations and forms that a painting can take.


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Greta Ermacora