The ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ movement started as a result of the death of a young Iranian girl named Mahsa Amini who was sentenced to death by the morality police because of not following the dress codes. The government reacted in a cruel manner to the public when they rose up against the regime. For example; protesters were kidnapped, killed, severely injured, arrested, and put on trial. Additionally, the internet was shut down to stop the people from reaching out to other countries with news what is happening in Iran. The ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ movement represents the ongoing issues Iranian women face, my work is focused on the issue of women’s freedom within a repressive regime, feminism and human rights.

I am an emerging multidisciplinary artist based in Naarm/Melbourne. My work consists of photography, videography, digital collage, drawing, painting, casting, enamelling, 3D printing, and textiles take inspiration from my own personal narratives. I experiment by exploring different mediums and merging them together. Diaspora has a huge influence on my work, I am an Iranian asylum seeker and often I reflect on my identity and culture, as well as trying to find my place in Australia but at the same time trying to stay connected to my roots and finding a way to balance both worlds.

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Hanieh Khamisi