How to convey and present a world in ten seconds? There may be different physical laws, different creatures, different geography in this world – the point is, it’s not the world you’re familiar with. My answer is a painting, or rather a painting dedicated to depicting a different world. Fantasy painting is a box court, compact but intense to convey to the viewer everything about this different world.

The fantasy genre, whether sci-fi or fantasy, is all about building a different world. Both modern fantasy and sci-fi are speculative fiction. The purpose of speculative fiction is to describe things that are different from accepted reality. From the era of covers and illustrations to the era of movies and games, presenting fantasy visually is one of the most appealing parts. The earliest and most mature visual presentation of fantasy themes is static painting. Fantasy art is a kind of concrete painting art that depicts fantasy themes, scenes, creatures, etc. What is important for fantasy art is not only the artistic skill of painting, but what is drawn.

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