My artwork in the 2023 Graduate Exhibition is about feelings of anger and conflict about being a woman and wanting to embrace femininity but knowing how tightly that is linked to a capitalist and misogynistic cycle made to profit from insecurity and perpetuate limitations.

Using slabs of paper clay, embossed with satin bows of varying size they are torn into pieces and rebuilt into vessels that are then painted and glazed with a monochromatic red and pink colour scheme. The inside of these vessles is covered in scratchy texture like an animal has scratched the inside of a cage.

I am a multi-disciplinary artist living on Boon Wurrung country. My practice is informed by modern feminist discourse along with my own lived experiences, often choosing monochromatic colour schemes and varied textures. I have exhibited locally, and internationally during a recent art trip to Japan. 

instagram: @imkemareeart

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Imke Breayley