Born in 2002, I am a multidisciplinary artist growing into a woman during the age of social media. I am inspired by the ‘trash’ aesthetic of blogging culture and how unrestricted internet access as a child has affected my growth into adulthood. Through my art practice I explore concepts of internet addiction, fetishisation, micro celebrities and feminine identity in the digital age. While I specialise in printmaking, I have and continue to explore a broad range of mediums, such as, sculpture, jewellery making, photography, alternative installation work, 3D printed artworks and ‘low-brow’ mediums such as stickers, zines and paste-ups. Within print making I most often work with photographic screen printing, digital printing and photographic etching.

Due to my obsession with the digital domain, I use pixel motifs in my work, either in the form of ASCII images, haft-tone and bitmap filters or hand drawn pixelated designs. Through these techniques I have built a cohesive body of work which I feel encapsulates not only my personality as an artist but the inspirations and influences which have shaped me into the young woman I am.

I invite my audience to view my work as an embodiment of my identity, positive and negative. I hope to express all that I have seen and been inspired by during my short twenty years.
Ingrid Mascoll, Studio space, 2023
stocking installation
Ingrid Mascoll, Experimental stocking installation, 2023. Photo: Nathan Man
gate series
Ingrid Mascoll, ‘Gate series’ installation experiment, 2023. Photo: Lucas Jennings
3D printed gate
Ingrid Mascoll, Developmental 3D gate design, 2023

instagram: @ibuprofencapsule

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Ingrid Mascoll