Spiralling outward from the central practice of drawing, my work covers a number of mediums and practices from drawing to photography, performance and installation. Drawing is often overlooked within the artistic cannon as an approach that is preparatory, or incomplete, but my work through the Drawing Department at RMIT has taught me that this is not the case. Drawing is the closest we can get to something, a profound and empathetic relational act between the object and the witness. My practice, steeped in this knowledge, explores art as a way to create a relational experience between subject and viewer, as well as within the act of creation itself, between artist and artwork. Concerned with ecology and our intertwined relationships within and on this planet, especially at this time of profound ecological crisis, my work and research’s focus on these relationships and how creativity and this way of artistic witnessing can open pathways to care, reciprocity and responsibility for our planet and the web of relationships in which we live. This years focus has looked particularly at watery sites of connection, fragility and as crucial indicators of the state of our planet.



Image credits: 1 & 4 by Elsie Rigby, all other images by the artist.


instagram: @eastern_common_froglet

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Iona Julian-Walters