Ivy Rose is a multidisciplinary artist working between drawing, print, photography, sculpture and costuming, revolving around themes of queer expression and gender performance. Obsessing over camp, kitsch and the excessively extravagant through their diverse practice, and always celebrating drag sensibilities as a way of life, their work seeks to build a fantasy of alternative modes of expression, full of ribbons, ruffles, glamour and shine, creating intimate and theatrical scenes. Harnessing super-duper-hyper-femininity as a tool to resist and push back against heteronormative and strict binary categorisations and definitions of identity.

Treating life as a theatre to create and perform fantastical identities full of extravagance, excess, drama and character!

Artist posing with their shoe sculptures
Ivy Rose, Kitten Heel trials, 2023
Drawing of figure characters
Ivy Rose, ‘Serving Body Face Leather and Lace’, 2023, drawing zine excerpt


Studio view
Ivy Rose, Studio view, 2023


instagram: @LUCKYPUPPY444
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Ivy Rose