This project explores the the existence of jellyfish, specifically Peach Blossoms and their current endangerment, through the form of intaglio prints from copper in order to investigate their form and also processes of preservation. It delves into the importance of sea life and evokes themes of human impact as well as having a visual allegory through the shapes the jellyfish are depicted. Through imagery, I found a reference through lines to symbolise deterioration, containment and endangerment.

I aim to question the importance of a balanced underwater ecosystem and explore how jellyfish play a role and fit into this balance. Jellyfish are becoming an increasingly endangered species due to problems such as climate change, pollution, and over-harvesting, issues I hope to highlight.

By exploring the jellyfish’s physical form and its fluidity through shape, line, light and shade, the collection depicts obscurations such as their gelatinous consistency, resulting in creating a metaphor of preservation through how the jellyfish are confined to the paper in order to portray confinement and deterioration to reflect their projected life expectancy.

I am a paint and print-based artist who works predominantly around the themes of nature as well as whimsy, this can be seen through the playful nature and imaginative elements of the subject matters I depict.

I work with an illustrative style and use pastel colours along side rich muted toes in order to reference folk lore and the fairytale genre.


instagram: @catipillarz.corner

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Jessica Elizabeth Beach