The Foundational Myths of Nationhood is an exploration of the myths and practices involved in nation-building. It investigates the commonplace narratives of national identity and it is constructed and directed through the specific design of education and social policies as well as the veneration of national symbols. Through the absurdity of a mechanical gesture, The Foundational Myths of Nationhood deconstructs the most idealised symbol of national identity, the national flag.

I am an artist based in Naarm/Melbourne. I am interested in the themes of failure, vulnerability, work, and identity. I use materials that can be reused in other works as much as possible as I am aware of the environmental impact of my artistic practice and the waste generated in material experimentation. I am inspired by conceptual art, poetics, and the dematerialisation of the art object. These are the foundations from which my work arises, allowing me to explore an alternative to the hegemonic ideas such as capitalism. I use absurdity and humour to reconsider these presupposed positions. I work with performance, found objects, field recordings, electronics, video, sound, the body, gesture, and text.

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Joanna Richard