TRANSCENDING TRADITIONS is an exploration of personal identity, cultural heritage, and reconnections with the bygone. I am inspired by events that happened but were not documented, embarking on a journey through my untold family history. I uncovered many stories, beliefs, and customs that have unconsciously shaped my life. My artworks examine the gap between the past and present, forging bridges between two worlds, two cultures I grew up in.

‘If we lived forever, maybe we’d have time to understand things. But as it is, I think the best we can do is try to open our eyes and appreciate how strange and brief all of this is.’ — E. Finch

My multicultural background from born in China and raised in Australia serves as the focus of artistic inquiry into identity. With each artwork I attempt to depict enigmatic tales of my family, blending painting, drawing and photography to create a visual narrative. By incorporating physical layers of depth in my works, I aim to create a multi-dimensional storytelling experience. These artworks tell stories that may not be apparent on the surface, an invitation to explore the intricate details and peel back the layers, revealing what’s hidden beneath. These artworks challenge perceptions and offer a glimpse into the complexity of family, culture, and self-discovery.

My artworks featuring spinning wheels are visual representations of the cyclical nature of hope and faith. This painted sculpture allow anyone to physically engage in the act of spinning, mirroring the repetitive cycles resilience and devotion in life’s challenges.

instagram: @nstrumentalketto

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Kaiyan Miao