“A mild amount of tomfoolery”

Inspired by the aesthetics of children’s picture books, and the playfulness of childhood itself, Goblin Stuff seeks to inject an element of life, joy and humour into the contemporary art space. Working partially in reaction to the often solemn, cerebral and sometimes even self indulgent works of my fellow students, I have created an artwork for myself as a child, recalling the monotonous experience of following my parents through art galleries full of work I found mostly ugly and boring.

Taking neither myself nor my art overly seriously, I have used papier-mâché and acrylic paint (two mediums often associated with childhood) to create playful little goblins that experience their strange surroundings alongside us. The goal of Goblin Stuff is really just to have fun, both in my experience of creating the work and (hopefully) in the audience’s experience of viewing it.


My artistic practice plays upon such themes as kitsch, pop culture and nostalgia. I work with a range of media including drawing, painting, digital work and sculpture. Drawing on affect theory, a perspective that explores the profound influence of emotions on human experience, I aim to impart upon my audience the joy I find both in the experience of creating art, as well as in everyday moments, through vibrant and highly saturated colours, recognizable motifs, and elements of comedy.

I hope you enjoy 😉


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Kobi Wood