A CONSTANT SHIFT is a collection of artworks that simulate movement. Each line is placed one after another in methodical motion – a method that comes to me in the moment, a method that compels me to fill the blank. These drawings represent many things, and it’s up to the viewer to decide. Cosmic, rings in wood, currents of air or water, hair or fur, galaxies. These are just some of the few things people have seen within my work. For myself,  it’s all about developing the lines, creating movement in a still piece and consuming the blank.

This body of work is drawn from the unconscious. There’s no planning ahead of time, it’s my emotional and mental state that contribute to the process of making. These drawings are made in an environment where music, documentaries and popular culture swirl around in the background. I let this content wash over me while my hands intuitively navigate the drawing surface. Once the process begins, these drawings build themselves.


Graphite wall In process
Lili Smith, ‘Graphite wall’, 2023, graphite


painting the ball
Lili Smith, ‘Become Orb’, 2023, acrylic on Styrofoam ball, approx. 14 cm


Close up of Drawings
Lili Smith, 2023 [detail], acrylic paint


Adding details
Lili Smith, ‘Follow the Grooves’, 2023, acrylic


Lili Smith, Adding to the wall, 2023

instagram: @h0neypige0n

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Lili Smith