SELF PORTRAIT WITH OMA (‘Grandma’ in German) is based on an old photograph taken during a visit when I was a young child. For the occasion we got to visit a local waterhole that I would frequent as I got older. Both the figure and place hold significance to me so the title Oma not only refers to my literal Oma but to the landscape as well.

I engage a time-consuming methodology of making by laboriously layering fine lines with a size 0000 brush in order to honour the significant people and landscapes in my life. Due to the prolonged process, I am granted extensive time to contemplate my attachments; in this way, the moments spent with the subject matter and with the art become one. As a nostalgic person, I employ time and old photographs to construct the visual of a dream-like memory, which is realised through the combined layering of soft vibrant colours, intricate texture, and interconnected geometry.

The repetitive and rhythmic painting method mirrors a parallel dedication and commitment to both art and living. The resulting works depict the connection between human and nature, and the connection that exists between humans through memory, whilst immersing the viewer visually as I have immersed myself within the durational work.

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Lucy Wilde