Stemming from my own insecurities caused by unrealistic beauty standards present in modern media, these works directly challenge conventional beauty standards. Women’s bodies are scrutinised, our organs for eating food and birthing life are subject to beauty standards perpetrated by modern media. I vent my frustration towards the oppressive patriarchal standards that inundate women with unrealistic and unachievable beauty ideals. I am revolting against the objectification of women’s bodies by painting images of women existing for ourselves, rather than societal influences. I gesture to viewers that I am grateful for a functional, healthy body, conveying that human uniqueness is beautiful.

Vaginas are regarded as taboo in society, hidden away, while simultaneously idealised objects of man’s desires. I painted realistic vaginas as an objection to the dual censorship-objectification of female-born bodies. Eight vulvas are painted on an otherworldly pastel background, symbolising a safe space in which they are free to exist as they are. I use found objects to create sculptures about the ingestion of substances. These objects, when placed next to the mouth and vulvas, bridge the gap from insertion to excretion.

Luna Yang is a multi-disciplinary artist creating through the mediums of painting, drawing, found object, and more. Their work is deeply personal, exploring identity, trauma, and her experience as a first-generation Chinese immigrant. For them, art serves as a sanctuary for processing and expressing difficult emotions. Luna shares their inner world with their audience and hopes to bring about change by challenging prevailing mainstream notions, prompting viewers to critically examine the world in which we reside.


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Luna Yi Jia Yang