TIME HEALS OLD WOUNDS is a ceramic installation that comments on the ritual practices found in contemporary Greek culture as a form of belonging. This research stems from family narrative and personal experiences experienced through Greek/Australian transnational identity.

The body of work aims to establish a profound connection between past and present through the cultural wisdom from Greek ancestry. The aphorism Time Heals Old Wounds is a way to tell personal family narratives. Investigation into Ancient Greek traditional forms such as amphoras and votive figurines informs dynamic hand built figurative sculpture.

Mol Stamatellis is an emerging artist currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT University in Naarm/Melbourne. Working predominately with clay, themes of ritual, cultural heritage and family history are core motifs explored in her works. Following her intuition, Mol uses the touch of her hand to imbed a piece of her soul in each object made.

In 2023 she was a part of the A4 Group Show at RMIT (Naarm). In 2022, she curated and exhibited in a group show Super Legit at R L Foote Design Studios (Naarm) and was awarded the Australian Ceramics Association student award. Over the duration of her studies, she was the Student-Staff Consultative Representative for her cohort.


instagram: @_mother.molly_

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Mol Stamatellis