A personal exploration in self, extracting as many thoughts from my mind as possible, nothing left unsaid, or unexplored in my conscience. This works takes paper that I have written on, including stream of consciousness writing and everything I can possibly produce out of my mind and get onto the page. Grinding the pages into a pulpy substance, I then compact it into a brick to present the final outcome. My complete vulnerabilities are presented to the audience in a way that is intangible with the precise written information being unattainable to viewers despite still retaining presence in the brick forms.

The information, secrets, knowledge, unfiltered material; it is all there. All my flaws and life events are in there. I’m recounting my life for us. For me to say and for you to see, but not to read. For me to process, emotionally and physically the material that I have produced, and to manufacture it into a brick form. How does the weight of pure words make you feel? Is it too much to handle. Am I too much? I remain in possession.

My practice explores elements of confession, introspection and the presentation of one’s self in a way that is exposing, yet still somewhat secretive. The notion of psychoanalysis and therapy is investigated through my work, as an exploration of vulnerability, and how such actions benefit or stunt one’s self identification. Through confession and personal disclosure, sculpture, performance and written work, I continue this active journey in the investigation of self.

instagram: @___niqi__

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Monique Ramsay