TRAPPED is a series of three installation works that draw on my own recent and reoccurring situations that make me feel trapped, producing a body of work that emphasise things that I and others struggle with internally and silently, which are often invisible to those on the outside. Creating enclosed cylinders out of fabric to form spaces that can feel overwhelming, tight and claustrophobic, juxtaposed against comfort and safety. An immersive experience is provided to the audience as they are invited into the cylinders to privately view the displayed artwork of abstract markings, writings and drawings.

This series reveals the issues of mental health and trauma that are battled with across our whole community, depicted from my own perspective and from the anonymous responses gathered from individuals about their own experiences of what makes them feel trapped.

Natalie de Niese is a visual artist based in Melbourne/Naarm. She has exhibited in group shows at RMIT’s School of Art, fortyfivedownstairs gallery and Kingston Arts Centre. Her practice predominantly involves painting, drawing and body imprinting, with recent explorations of collaboration and installation. She mainly focuses on the human form and abstraction with themes exploring movement, performativity, feminism, sexuality, mental health and trauma.


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Natalie de Niese