FADED FOOTPRINTS symbolises my artistic journey devoted to promoting awareness of endangered species. As an artist, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to the cause of advocating for the preservation of Australia’s unique and at-risk wildlife. This creative venture, embodied in the Faded Footprints project, serves as a potent means to this end. At its core, my work adheres to the fundamental principle that ‘Awareness Precedes Preservation’. I firmly believe that safeguarding endangered species commences with fostering a profound understanding of them. Acknowledging that the challenges confronting these species are frequently the result of human actions, including pollution, deforestation, and the impact of climate change, I established the Faded Footprints movement. This initiative is wholly committed to disseminating awareness on various levels. It introduces individuals to the endangered species within their geographical region, nurturing a sense of connection and responsibility. Furthermore, it encourages individuals to contemplate the consequences of their choices on the environment.

The Faded Footprint experience manifests through a range of interactive and immersive activities. Participants are encouraged to partake in the tactile Clay Sculpture Dissolution, which is inspired from a festival called Ganesh Chaturthi which in my culture is considered as a father figure, and which symbolically highlights their collective responsibility for the dwindling of these species. This experience underscores the immediate impact of our actions on the environment. The Fingerprint Engagement facet engages individuals in crafting fingerprint art on cutouts representing endangered species, serving as a visual gauge of their awareness and knowledge gaps. Additionally, the project equips participants with information totes, containing extensive data about these species, serving as educational tools and nurturing a sense of responsibility for their conservation. As an artist, I create a self-portrait inspired by the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, which reflects my unwavering dedication to this cause. It conveys the notion that every individual can play a substantial role in protecting our planet’s wildlife.

In essence, Faded Footprints transcends being a mere art project; it serves as a resounding call to action. Through these immersive encounters, my objective is to ignite a sense of collective responsibility and urgency in safeguarding endangered species. It stands as a poignant reminder that our actions, irrespective of their scale, can leave an enduring imprint on the world, and it is our solemn duty to ensure that this imprint is one of preservation and care.


Prerana Shinde, Breath, 2023


Prerana Shinde, Trapped, 2023


Maza Bappa
Prerana Shinde, Maza bappa (My Father), 2023


lead better possom
Prerana Shinde, Leadbeater’s Possum Clay Sculpture to be immersed in water , 2023


Infor kit
Prerana Shinde, Fun Info Tote Bag, 2013
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Prerana Shinde