Rubyanna Edwards
Rubyanna Edwards, ‘Thinking & Unthinking in Digital Colour’, 2023, digital drawing, 1920px x 1080px

Colour is Content – a scandalous notion. Colour, I keep telling myself, can be anything it wants to be. An untouchable, anthropomorphic body of expression.

An agitator. A goddess.

Still from Welcome to My World, 2023
Rubyanna Edwards, ‘Welcome to My World’, 2023 [still], projection, 1920px x 1080px

It seems however, that the higher values of colour are all too well “perceived merely as a secondary quality of experience” (Batchelor, 2000) within fine art pedagogy.  But for this Aphantasic artist, colour presents to us an escape from the real world. An escape from materiality itself.

Theatrical, non-hierarchical, and disruptive, Colour as Content emerges as an investigation of the intuitive mind and notions of space through colour. The intuitive being the private, the unknown or unexpected creative outcomes manifesting from a lifetime of complicated and embodied experiences. As for space (including that which may be public/private or interior/exterior), it’s saturated with neo-capitalism and the hyper-digital. Where can we find solace in this perpetual hellscape?

It is through the other that we perhaps can access a greater sense of space and time, drawing with colour to help us escape the city. 


Rubyanna Edwards is an emerging inter-media artist, with a background in printmaking and video. Their vibrant and abstract installation practice elicits tension between space and time with a focus on colour as content.

Attempting to find space in an overstimulated city, Edwards’ experiential video montage works create new realities. Their use of colour is non-hierarchical and unadulterated, transforming into an anthropomorphic body of expression. Taking on its own non-sensical narrative life-form, their mobile work both stimulates its audience and presents to us an alternative experience of colour.

You can find their current work here & right here!

instagram: @rubyannaedwards

Fun Video!


Rubyanna Edwards 'Unfixed' 2023,7in x 5in, Digital Drawing
Rubyanna Edwards ‘Unfixed’, 2023, digital drawing, 7″ x 5″


Rubyanna Edwards
Rubyanna Edwards, ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ 2023 [still], video, 1920px x 1080px



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Rubyanna Edwards