MATTERS proposes that creating multi-sensory atmospheres in sculptural installation art can reconnect us to our sensitive and material nature, blurring the boundaries between participants, artwork and environment. These gatherings could become sites for (renewed) embodiment whilst revolting against hegemonic power structures (portrayed by the institution).

Matters saw the creation of atmospheric installations where our sensitive bodies were at the core, recreating microcosms of worlds within worlds and beaconing alternative ways of relating to matter-as-kin. Working alongside my young daughter and having the possibility of being accompanied by my dog Hugo during the final presentation materialised the complex nature of becoming-with, sparking further inquiry.

I am a Peruvian sculptural installation artist living and working in Naarm, Australia. My work explores how we experience embodied meaning through interconnection with our environment and materials, as fellow kin.  

Photos: Mikala Dwyer, Duncan Freedman, Sarah Martin and Sandra Flores

instagram: @sandraffloress

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Sandra Flores