Sienna Mensch (She/They) is a Geelong/Djilang based queer abstract artist, who lives and works on Wadawurrung and Wurundjeri country.

Sienna’s work is an exploration of how different colours and forms interact with one another to evoke emotion from the viewer, whether that be feelings of wonder or nostalgia. Their whimsical artworks create an environment that feels otherworldly while pushing the viewer to get lost in the art. Her art is throughly planned out which helps her achieve visually stunning colour schemes in the highly detailed works. Sienna channels their queer and feminist identity into the ultra abstract works as well as their interest in spirituality. 

This body of work is a great example of how Sienna sees the inside of their brain, constantly filled with masses of colour and forms working together to express creativity and emotion. Through this lens there is a vulnerability to her work.

instagram: @pr3ssures

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Sienna Mensch