How is sleeping an unaware pause on our conscious control over our body?

The project explores the conceptual framework that shapes our perception of the world through the observation and reinterpretation of everyday human behaviours. By representing sleeping as a common human experience, the work encapsulates the sleeping state of an abstract human figure through a transparent 3D-printed installation.


3D Printed transparent pieces
Sin Tung Liu, ‘Sleep Metaphysics’, 2023 [progress detail]
Three helium balloons floating in the sky.
Sin Tung Liu, ‘Chiropractic’, 2022, helium balloons and plastic installation
An incense burning in a glass jar surrounded by plastic tablecloths installed in the background.
Sin Tung Liu, ‘Plinth for Sense’, 2022, incense, glass jar and plastic tablecloth installation
Two moulds with gelatin sculptures freezing in a fridge
Sin Tung Liu, ‘Orthodontic’, 2023 [progress image], gelatin sculpture
Three Gelatin Sculptures
Sin Tung Liu, ‘Orthodontic’, 2023, gelatin sculpture



Portrait photo of Sin Tung Liu

Sin Tung Liu (Cheryl) is a Hong Kong-born artist who works with sculpture, installation and painting. She is graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture Major) at RMIT University in 2023. Her practice revolves around human behaviour and body-related representations, addressing the conceptual construct underlaid in everyday life. Her artworks also adapt to diverse materiality and experimental approaches with spatial and sensory perceptions. Her current interest is exploring technologies such as 3D scanning and 3D printing as artistic approaches.

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Sin Tung Liu (Cheryl)