My practice explores the place where polar forces converge, where light and matter meet, the immaterial and material, the ethereal and the structured; where destructive harshness and soft delicacy exist in the same space. My multimedia works incorporate notions of the eerie and absent, acknowledging the passing of time while itself feeling like the space between breaths, where time has passed but is now frozen – another contradiction. Within a new materialist context, I aim to find that place of contradiction, where polar forces converge, and lean heavily on ideas of collaborative creation – between materials and artist, between the various artworks gathered in an installation, between the viewer and the artwork.

I hope you will allow yourself to be immersed in the microcosm of my work, and notice what is there, what is missing, and how it interacts with you.

My practice is process-driven and situates itself within the context of new materialism. I work in collaboration with both bought and found materials to create mixed media works and installations. Light sits at the centre of my practice both as a metaphor and a material, and I often use inks to describe the infinite potential and ethereal nature of light within my work.

instagram: @_sineadwheeler_


Sinéad Wheeler, installation view, 2023
Sinéad Wheeler, detail, 2023
Sinéad Wheeler, installation view, 2023
Sinéad Wheeler, installation view, 2023
Sinéad Wheeler, sketchbook and ink process, 2023
Sinéad Wheeler