This object is made of 9 x 9cm plastic board, interspersed with red and white thread as decoration, capsules containing red and white cotton thread are collaged on the bottom plate. This work is intended to express the depressed state of diabetic patients trapped in the high and low blood sugar states. The square, semi-enclosed box symbolises the ‘transparent’ body, through which the tangles are visible, symbolising what they care about most – blood sugar. The red line represents the blood and vessel, the white represents the sugar in the blood. At the bottom of the display are capsules filled with different ‘concentrations’ of cotton threads, symbolising the slow return of blood sugar to normal standard under the action of medicine and the gradual reduction of white cotton threads.


Junke Zhang, ‘Sugar Restriction’, 2023, plastic board, red and white cotton thread, resin, stitching and collage
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Junke Zhang