RETURN INTO THE ARMS OF YOURSELF – A SANCTUARY is a biodegradable instillation intended to create a space of comfort and respite. The work aims to emphasise the need to check in on personal well-being, both physically and mentally. People get so caught up in day-to-day life that they push aside their fundamental human needs. Having the space and time to assess how you feel has become a luxury in modern society. This harmony of nature and artisanal craftsmanship aims to gently intervene and disrupt the busy mind, welcoming viewers to finally catch their breath. 

My name is Tara (She/They) and I live in Melbourne/Naarm. I am in my third year of a Bachelor of Fine Art, majoring in Sculpture at RMIT, and I make coffee for a living. I have Tourette’s syndrome which dictates my life greatly but also offers great insights into the fundamental needs of human life which I would not be so aware of otherwise. 

My practice tends to be quite tactile. I find a lot of safety and comfort in working with materials that just use my hands instead of complicated tools. What comes to mind at first are skills such as crocheting or sewing. Natural materials that are easily accessible and sensory-friendly. I really struggle with materials like metal or wood which require a lot of noise and harsh textures machine. These senses are really uncomfortable and taxing considering my limitations. 

My art practice aims to express myself and who I believe myself to be, as well as provide a sense of comfort for others. I think the best way to make someone else feel safe around you is for them to be able to relate to you. Therefore, my art tends to be very vulnerable.

instagram: @nudieartstudio
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Tara Sandie