Tyler McMahon Porter, ‘What Lurks In The Dark’, 2023


Enforcing the innate fear of the dark and what hides within, Tyler’s painting depict various unappealing and
unsettling entities alike. A collection of over thirty different artworks shrouded in darkness in a semi-interactive experience for the viewer to
explore and uncover that which lurks in the dark, allowing the viewer to discover as many art works as they desire before they become
overwhelmed or too uncomfortable to remain any longer. Each art work is hidden in the confines of a dark and cold room where there
is a single light source in the form of a hand held lantern for the audience to use.

I am utterly enthralled with horror and that which is considered creepy or unsettling and have been drawn to
it since I was young. It is a fascination I wish to explore and share with my audience. My aim is to create art works that inflicts an overwhelming feeling upon those who witness it; feelings such as dread, unease, discomfort, isolation and unwelcoming.


Tyler McMahon Porter, ‘What Lurks In The Dark’, 2023, eighteen pieces from a series of over thirty

instagram: @tyler_mp.art

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Tyler McMahon Porter